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The purpose of our school is to transform a human being and give them the tools of self-transformation so that they can connect with greater wisdom and change this world.

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Zulma Reyo’s Inner Alchemy book was awarded the winner of the Mind, Body Spirit category at the Independent Press Awards 2022.

Inner Alchemy was also awarded the Gold Winner in the Body, Mind & Spirit Practices category at the Nautilus Book Awards 2022.

The Zulma Reyo School of Consciousness (ZRSOC) is in residence in Mallorca where the tools of Inner Alchemy are taught. The course is a five-year programme (with an optional sixth year of residency for future teachers of Inner Alchemy) that will be given in two languages, English and Spanish. 

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At the very core of the ZRSOC teachings is the premise that we can be the change we wish to see in the world. We seek students who know that by rebuilding themselves, they can unlock the power to rebuild the future. The project is supported by LightEn, a philanthropic organisation (LightEn is a charitable organisation and educational platform) which offers full scholarships and financial aid to students who meet the criteria.We are now accepting applicants for the Autumn 2024 cohort.

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Zulma Reyo

Zulma Reyo is an educator, writer and speaker. Her vast experiences have been gained through the exploration of various psychotherapies, world religions, mystical traditions and energetic practices which have led her to develop her own teaching: 'Inner Alchemy'.

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What is Inner Alchemy?

Inner Alchemy offers much more than personal training; it is a door to the possibility of bringing positive change to the world. Beginning with the knowledge that you are perfect as you are, it teaches ways of thinking and managing your energy so that you can transform yourself and the lives of others. 

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“Zulma’s work has been so effective at helping me to manage my own mental, emotional, and physical energies, helping me to slice through challenges so much more clearly and decisively. I am astounded at how such small shifts in energy have created profound movements for my business.”

– Jennifer Manners, Entrepreneur

“Sustainable development must be married with inner development. Gaining a deeper understanding of my own beliefs, patterns and behaviours helps me relate more effectively to others and collaborate on a much deeper level.”

– Gib Bulloch, Writer, Speaker and Consultant

“The studies I have undergone have given me confidence in my abilities and more space and freedom within to explore my creativity. With the awareness as well as shift of beliefs comes a range of benefits that are manifested into subtle realities in all aspects of life.”

– Shima Ghamari, Audio visual manager

“Inner Alchemy has completely changed my perspective, awareness, self-management and contribution to life on earth. My attention has moved away from perfectionism and outcomes. It has come home to the beauty, delight and feeling in the practice of creating.”

– Kate Wilkinson, Artist