Teaching Staff

Zulma Reyo


Zulma is an educator, writer and speaker who has developed and taught her life’s work globally.

After traditional university study, she explored various psychotherapies, world religions, mystical traditions, and energetic practices, culminating in what has become her teaching, ‘Inner Alchemy’


Dolores Mihanovich


Argentina-born Dolores has extensive experience and knowledge of estate management. She initially underwent pre-law studies at the University of Buenos Aires.  In 1990 Dolores met Zulma and shortly afterwards moved to Brazil to train in Inner Alchemy and became involved in the restructure of the School in Sao Paulo. Dolores then became coordinator of the Energy Department, training students in perception and diagnosis. She also trained in Rayid Method with its creator Denny Johnson.

In 1997 Dolores moved to Spain to collaborate with the expansion of Inner Alchemy in Europe, specializing in integrative therapy, energy diagnosis and whole body recalibration. Dolores responsibilities included International coordinator for the work in Argentina, Paraguay, and Spain.  She is currently Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Zulma Reyo School of Consciousness.

Lilia Rodrigues


Lilia graduated in Industrial Design, Specialist in Promotion and Advertising, and Master in Informational Design, then worked for 27 years with higher university education as Department Dean of Communications.

Lilia was taught by Zulma in 2009 when she entered the two-year training programme at the Brazilian School of Consciousness in Sao Paulo.  In addition, she furthered her Inner Alchemy training by Zulma in Spain, Argentina and Paraguay. In 2017 Lilia became a trainer for the Inner Alchemy Brazil team and the Inner Alchemy School for Women.

Lilia is also a Kundalini Yoga and Yoga Therapy instructor. She is responsible for the recruiting and training of Brazilian candidates.

Maria Costa Demetry


Maria is a holistic therapist and teacher, Alchemical coach and counsellor who is fluent in Portuguese, English, and Spanish. Maria started her career as a computer programmer and was introduced to Zulma’s work in 1991. Together with Zulma, Dolores and Dr R. B. Garcia, Maria co-founded the Inner Alchemy School in São Paulo, Brazil, where she worked as the Director, Teacher, and held her private practice as a Therapist.

From 1996-2010- Maria also worked as: Executive Secretary for the Brazilian Consulate in Atlanta, Executive Secretary for Cartoon Network, South America, and Human Resources Manager LAPTV: Latin American Payed Television. Member and teacher of the Inner Alchemy School for Women, in Europe and South America, founded and directed by Zulma Reyo in 2012.

Maria has been trained in the Inner Alchemy Advanced Group of Planetary Service and Research, Inner Alchemy School of Consciousnesses, Esoteric Teachings, Enneagram, Family Constellation, Reiki Energy Healing, & Doula Training.

Fabio Borges


Brazilian born Fabio holds an international Masters in Business Administration. Since 2016, Fabio has been studying and practicing Inner Alchemy, and was part of the Advanced Research Group in Brazil, and is part of the International Advanced Group in Mallorca.

He has been applying practices of self-awareness, transformative wisdom and energy healing methods for over 15 years, including aura and astral cleansing, energy diagnosis and others.

Fabio is a visiting teacher and collaborator of the Zulma Reyo School of Consciousness in Mallorca.

Aurora Duarte Reyes


Aurora studied Classical Philology (Latin and ancient Greek) and was a teacher for a short period of  time before working in the corporate sector for 15 years.

Aurora is a certified life coach, specialist in body coaching, Movement Therapist, NLP Practitioner & teacher of Inner Alchemy. She works with the body as an instrument to express and manage the three basic bodies: physical, emotional and mental. Aurora activates the inner energy to elevate the awareness of oneself, to alchemize it, and uses movement, dance, music, breathing, vocal expression and drawing in these sessions.

Aurora met and was taught by Zulma in 2013 while she was following her deep yearning to find the truth behind every human expression. She now holds the position of Secretary of “Inner Alchemy Association” in Spain, and heads the bodywork department of the School.

Olga Hostak


Olga was born in Yakutsk, Russia. After leaving Russia, Olga was educated in Odessa, Ukraine and Köln, Germany before moving to Palma de Mallorca, where she has lived since 2006.  She speaks Russian, English, German and Spanish.

Olga has been a student of the Inner Alchemy School since 2012 and prior to that had participated in private meetings with Zulma beginning in 2010.  From 2013 to the present, she served as an assistant and teacher-in-training at the Inner Alchemy School for Women. In this capacity, she has designed and led meditations for individuals and groups, and has led training groups for women, both individually and in collaboration with other teachers of the Inner Alchemy School, teaching personal energy management and perception.

Olga’s current work in the School of Consciousness is as a teacher and director of tutorial programmes for the cohorts.

Nausica Otero Areitio


Born in Caracas, raised and graduated in the Basque Country as Biochemist, emancipated in Barcelona, where she developed her career for 19 years (2024-2023) as a specialist in the field of human tissues for transplantation, with a master’s degree in Transfusion Medicine. At the same time, she was a student and assistant at the Inner Alchemy retreats for women for 7 years (2013-2019) and coordinator in Barcelona of "Women who Make a Difference", a movement promoted by Zulma Reyo, leading personal work groups. Afterwards, she worked as teacher support in Zulma Reyo's School of Consciousness for one year, until she moved to Mallorca to join the team of teachers in 2023. She has been a member of “Inner Alchemy Spain Association” since 2013 and currently holds the position of Treasurer.