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“Discover your inner self. Tuning into and trusting your own Consciousness is the foundation of transformation”
- Zulma Reyo

The experience of Inner Alchemy will change your perspective on how you relate to life and everything in your reality. It will teach you to take responsibility for your world, but with the greatest experience of joy in the recognition that you are the origin of every thought, word, and feeling that creates reality.

The terms “to think out of the box” and “think tank” have become very popular. The Inner Alchemy system doesn’t teach you to think “out of the box” because it recognises that there is no box. This illusory box is a construction that has lasted as long as human interest remains at the personal level. It is dissolvable and when this happens, perception expands to gigantic proportions.

This is the purpose of the Inner Alchemy teachings. Higher laws which have been encrypted in complex and ancient treaties are for the first time explained and applied concretely. Namely, the Law of Energy and Oneness, the Law of Polarity, and the innumerable permutations of polarity in matter. The curriculum of the School is not destined solely for personal use; its value lies in that it is a tool for change. We appeal to people with a willingness to take the teachings out into different fields of service, learning our system and collaborating in rebuilding the world into a unit that is coherent with innermost truth.

The focus of perception developed in our teachings alters the entire body-mind network. Based in ancient practices of energy management, our system increases the proportion of light-consciousness in a human being, opening transcendental awareness in ways that are useful. The ensuing shift restructures old patterns and beliefs to reveal new tangible possibilities. To view the world differently implies finding solutions that escape the ordinary mind-set. Here you learn to see the world differently, not just from another angle or because it is suggested, but because inner reality demands it.

If you have even the slightest desire to live in a different way or to actually change this world for your children, for everyone, then we might talk shop. Friend to friend, brother and sister on very equal and immediate terms. Speaking the language of aspiration and service that every living being who has broken out of the shell of self-centredness carries within.

Our call is to people who really want to make a difference and who care about soulful living. Rather than secure material goods and privileges, significant absorbing relationships, our teaching reaches the innermost centre of you in your aloneness, in your fulness, at the level of most loving intimacy, to reveal your wealth, your true power, your beauty, intelligence and reveal the impact you can have within the hungry world.

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Zulma Reyo’s Inner Alchemy book was awarded the winner of the Mind, Body Spirit category at the Independent Press Awards 2022.

Inner Alchemy was also awarded the Gold Winner in the Body, Mind & Spirit Practices category at the Nautilus Book Awards 2022.