“Consciousness is a lot more than an energy field.”
- Zulma Reyo

The meditations are practiced during the course and are included in the book Inner Alchemy: The Path of Mastery. The meditations can also be used as stand-alone practices for you to enjoy.

Alchemical Alignment Series

A  series of meditations that work towards the Master Practice meditation.  Each Meditation prepares you for the Master Practice as it takes you through what is an Alchemical Alignment and how to achieve it.  The Alchemical Alignment, which the Master Practise will guide you through, is a procedure that aligns the body with cosmic forces.

The meditations are taken from live recordings.

The Master Practice

The Master Practice is the practice that creates an alignment of the body with cosmic forces. With practice, we may live in an almost-permanent state of alignment, experiencing the world with the expanded perception that the identification with Source can offer.

Colour Breathing

This meditation uses Zulma’s method colour breathing as one of the fastest ways of attaining altered states of reality by affecting the vibrational rhythm of the physical body directly.

God I Am/Rainbow Self

This meditation can begin with the Master Practice. Leave your body within the safety of Mother Earth and follow the beam of Light that is anchored in your heart up into the greater source above you. Know that you are in a body of matter and you are also a source of light.