A series of introductory videos

Below is a collection of introductory videos explaining some of the most common questions around Inner Alchemy.

What is Spirituality?

An explanation of Spirituality as a way of approaching life and expressing oneself.

What is Consciousness?

An explanation of what Consciousness is and how this affects our experience of life.

What is Spirit?

An explanation of what Spirit is, and the different laws that affect our composition as Spirit in material form.

What are my Beliefs?

An explanation of how beliefs are formed, the impact they have on us, and how the process of introspection can shed light on them.

Personality vs Ego

An explanation of the difference between personality and ego, and about the misconception held around dulling our authenticity whilst embarking on the spiritual path.

What is the Linear Mind

A description of what constitutes the linear mind and how aspects of this mind can be restrictive to holistic perception. The video also briefly touches on different levels of the mind.

What Dimensions do we exist in?

A concise explanation of the different dimensions we exist in and how it experientially feels like to be in both the lower and higher dimensions.

What are Energy fields?

An explanation of the core energy fields that the human body is composed of and how the road to self-mastery begins with becoming aware of these fields.

What is Awareness?

An explanation of what awareness is and how to access it from a holistic state of being.

What is Discernment?

An explanation of what Truth is, how to access it, and what the processes of discernment and discrimination are about.