A different kind of bibliography

Although bibliographies traditionally go at the back of a book, this is not a traditional sort of book. Neither is this a traditional bibliography. People ask me where I get my information.  Explaining how I came to know what I teach is a lot more complicated than reeling off a list of books. The sources that have gone into producing Inner Alchemy are too numerous and subtle to be listed, and they arise not so much from books as from my own direct experience.

I am naturally mediumistic, with access to information at levels beyond the physical or astral realms. I ‘see’ beyond ordinary, third-dimensional perception into the structure of things – and people – as well as the universe. This is something I invoke at will. It may be best described as the effect of sustaining the Alchemical Alignment and accessing the dimensional stages I present here in this book. I find that the system I use is best suited to our contemporary, more mental turn of mind, which also harbours an innermost hunger for humane sensitivity. That is why I teach this system here as the means of accessing perception and knowing.  

This is how it works for me: once I ask a question or evoke a condition, the whole picture comes together through a telepathic affinity with my own Spirit-Self that reveals dynamics, purpose, causes, and implications through my own train of thoughts and often images. I piece everything together at the integration stations (as you will read in the chapter on the dimensions). Through the years I have learned to distinguish which are my own thoughts from those of my Spirit-Self in a sort of ‘conversation’ or intimate dialogue with my Self.  This too is how I ‘know’ and how many things are revealed through me, whilst I maintain the linear alignment (the Alchemical Alignment) with my own Self positioned in various dimensions simultaneously.

Rather than seeking sources of information, direct observation is backed by information gathered from many texts and from people who taught me, largely through non-verbal transmission. The main people who have influenced my life’s journey and work, beside my equally mediumistic family and friends, include Arthur Janov, the originator of Primal Therapy, author of The Primal Scream. He trained me carefully and closely in deep psychological perception.

Next is Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh (who later became Osho), an erudite, at times severe, but generous teacher who in those early days in the Indian ashram allowed me all the room I needed for exploration and experimentation, as well as access to his personal library, which was a gift beyond price. Occasional attendance at Jiddu Krishnamurti’s talks, conveyed thought-provoking inquiries that served to contrast with Osho’s, allowing me to enrich the newly acquired knowledge with a more rational approach.

My research and temporary position as interviewer for a local Cable TV station would later take me to interact personally with contemporary well-known teachers. Among others, this included Barbara Brennan, who inspired the model of the seven bodies of this book with her then-manuscript Hands of Light. Finally, when I had already established the first school of consciousness in Brazil, I set out to Cyprus to understand the workings of the shadows and how they can deter the working of the Light. My direct acquaintance with Stylianos Atteshlis (also known as ‘Daskalos’), author of The Esoteric Teachings, was a pivotal point in my work of decoding human creation. He planted me firmly in the esoteric Christian tradition with deep roots to my own stock of ancient knowledge. His teachings were imbibed in person at his school ‘The Stoa’ in Nicosia, Cyprus.

A former period of residency at the I AM Temple in Chicago shaped the content and form of the teachings of Inner Alchemy. Their ‘I AM’ teachings, comprising volumes of lectures of Ascended Master transmissions, decree books, classes, temple practice, and rather severe discipline, brought contour and depth to my past discoveries and shed light on my future experience. Three books containing the ‘I AM’ teachings became my bedside companions: Unveiled Mysteries, The Magic Presence, and the I AM Discourses, all published by the Saint Germain Foundation in Schaumburg, Illinois.

These are by no means the only texts which have influenced the book you are reading today. I came upon an anonymous pamphlet that referred to a multi-dimensional system comprised of twelve layers of reality, or dimensions, and this became the platform upon which the dynamic of my teaching now rests. A manual by Petey Stevens that outlined the out-of-the-body chakras, and gave exercises to access them vibrationally, has also added theoretical understanding to my insights. Finally, Olive Pixley’s manual, Armour of Light, contains meditations and exercises, some of which have been included in this book, that became of utmost value to me as personal transformational instruments.

As with many of my generation and inclination, my acquaintance with the work of Alice Bailey, especially her Treatise on the Seven Rays, has had a deep and extensive influence on my spiritual work, alongside the work of Helena Blavatsky, mother of modern esotericism. From the Theosophical Foundation, Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater's research, The Astral Plane and The Mental Plane, has been instrumental. Profoundly revealing, these texts helped me sort through my own perceptions. Their effects can be clearly glimpsed in this book. The Agni Yoga Book Series and Helena Roerich’s diaries also brought heart-warming inspiration.

A sequel of books in Spanish called Origenes de la Civilización Adámica and Arpas Eternas by Josefa Rosalía Luque Alvarez (Hilarión de Monte Nebo) have given me access to other cosmologies and ancient practices, often confirming my own memory. Spanish influences also include La Magia Planetaria by Vicente Beltrán Anglada, and my personal contact with Argentine mystic Yaco Albala.

In my search for integration with the body and the physical plane, I have followed the physical disciplines of Kundalini Yoga, Zazen (Zen), Vipassana, Shugendo, and Katsugen Kai into my daily practice over the years. These Eastern practices, alongside my physical application of Taoist thought and the I Ching, have become potent instruments of knowledge, as the postures and breathing techniques they offer have served to connect me with inner faculties that reveal the worlds of Light that form the tapestry for Inner Alchemy.

As you may see, Inner Alchemy processes are the result of experience and are original. Direct experience has verified the knowledge of spirit life and the human energetic anatomy in embodiment; yet personal contact and energy transmission from people, circumstances and sometimes books offered confirmation and a subtle transmission that mere words could never provide.