In all creation, forms are intrinsically linked through vital filaments emanating from a source, be it the Creator, man, animals, insects and plants, the earth or the solar system. Such is the silver cord that joins our body to the soul; the DNA that recalls the history of our ancestors and our physical predisposition; and the umbilical cord that nourishes the offspring. Similarly, our world is connected to us; it is an extension of our personal energies. We are destined to be associated to other forms of life and to the consequence of our acts. Linked, not “attached”. Attachment is not part of the Law; it is an artificial condition, created through misuse of human will and desire.

Let’s talk about the immediate personal world and see attachment for what it is: a mental habit that uses the energy of thought to strengthen ties with another life form. A custom that exploits emotions, creating powerful thought forms that sensorially link parts together. It can be considered a kind of appropriation, whose purpose is to control and evoke continuity, utility, and comfort. It disguises itself as noble purpose to sustain the illusion that human beings construct in order to demand property rights as a reward for opening to intimate feelings.

Personality is a complex of physical and emotional reactions that we adopt according to predilection, not sensitivity. It is natural for preferences to become attachments. However, “working on oneself” spiritually responds to growing awareness; it demands a distancing that does not reflect anger or annoyance, but imminent need to participate in life beyond the particular, including everything. It responds to a call for awareness.

The Process of creating attachments

Identity is built on reflexes from the physical senses that do not know the language of silence, or the subtlety of spontaneous affection. It is rough. Everything issues from material causes and purposes. To become aware, we must acquire control over the automatism that characterizes the linear mind and coarse emotions, the one that detonates the senses constantly, appealing to matter and binding us to it. We must learn to value intuition and grasp transcendent subtleties.

When we become aware of the destructive mechanisms that limit us, we try to fix them, but intention is not enough. Nor are extremes of abstinence or substitution. We repeat patterns again and again, changing one attachment for another, “redecorating” what is there. Self-correction calls for work on our energy on several levels, a total awareness and re-management that not everyone is willing to do. Changing a habit suggests discomfort and inevitable pain or suffering. Being “conscious” is key.

Human bonds are substantial. They are made up of the material of our bodies and that is why they are so strong. We create them with our own physical, emotional and mental energy. As we build thought forms that have weight, density, viscosity, and increase by repetition, as in the case of “elementals” Part 1 and Part 2. In the same manner at the personality level we create vital extensions that transmit and perpetuate sensations, emotions and thoughts. For a seer or someone sensitive, these links appear as cords of varying thickness that connect people and places closely, according to the degree of desire.

Due to the continuous exchange of vitality, attachment at the relationship level between couples produces the thickest and most resistant ropes. Braids of energy-substance facilitate feedback, progressively intensifying sensory and emotional return. In a fully complimentary relationship they are created on several levels, some of them inspiring. However, the most damaging cords, of heavy and addictive quality, are formed by correspondence of vital fluids that strengthen the illusion of physical union. What one feels is felt by the other as sensation, emotion and thought. Power and mutual control are enhanced.

While a relationship is being stimulated, the hooks reflect cycles of supply and demand, reflecting the physical and mental activity of the members. Without constant feedback they begin to disintegrate, causing symptoms of physical and emotional withdrawal. Relationship becomes a kind of slavery that demands continuous replenishment comparable to that of a vice. Just as an addict cannot live without his dose, these couples cannot live without one another. Discontinuation leads to compulsion, desperation, anxiety, and lack of control.

When a relationship ends or is severed, the links are truncated and the horrors of vulnerability and indiscriminate yearning arise. Without exclusivity or the safe harbor, the individual’s vital forces spill everywhere, and he finds himself lost in a hiatus of self-absorbed confusion. Invariably, couples remain tied to one another and often return to unwanted conditions to fill the need and keep pace with the vice. The mere possibility of deprivation creates panic and a pain that sustains the conviction of need. It is now when fear becomes the main symptom, evoking past experiences and prospects of a gray future. Fear itself is enough reason to return to the habit.

Identity, as well as exclusive relationships, are excused as need, encompassing a whole series of behaviors based on the belief that fear, like attachment, is real. Their links, now virtual, justify and extend themselves seeking satisfaction.

The most difficult vice to overcome is the desire that generates and stimulates the sexual urge. The habit of thinking about it repeatedly fosters triggers that are supposed to be natural, suggesting that sex is an imperious necessity equivalent to love. When you do not have it, some women believe themselves dissatisfied, while men stimulate themselves mentally with regularity. Thus both entertain themselves with ideas of possible pleasure in lower astral virtual reality, where invisible links are reinforced evoking urgency and need that augment a climate of control and possession.

Human beings believe that because they desire something, they can have it, reducing the sensitive and psychic worlds to a commercial transaction subject to production and consumption. Every urge forthcoming from the selfishness of the personality is a mandate to existence. Normally we use and exploit one another and the environment, believing ourselves important and powerful. When we awaken to spiritual ethics, however, we recognize that nothing belongs to us and that the only right we have is to collaborate with Creation in donation and respect.

Non-attachment is the great challenge for all who follow the spiritual path; it creates huge conflicts. How to distance ourselves from the intensity of precious moments lived in body and emotion, that have brought joy and happiness to our lives? How to detach from the most significant people that we still love deeply? How to transform the quality of that stirring affection, while honoring the depth of inner life?

When inner feelings and vast vistas are experienced alone and in silence, when serenity and exaltation are glimpsed in the midst of refined simplicity and sensitivity, and on the other hand we are flooded by external pressures, demands, dependence and superficiality … a crisis ensues leading the conscious person to becoming a seeker and changing the direction of his life. He or she discovers subtleties and awakens to other planes of intelligence. Cultivated demands and excesses are left behind in order to receive the present, in humility. One enters a process where the senses are transcended without minimizing or extinguishing them. Such a person recognizes the ephemeral nature of present reality, and awakens.

How to deal with the sensation embedded in the body and emotions? How to control the burning insatiable desire that has been generated in the skin? How to evoke a peaceful distancing? How to bring about autonomy within the couple?

Human selfishness and arrogance lead us to believe that personal will is so powerful that the mere desire to sever a bond is sufficient, as if it were a matter of legal separation. The only forces that often serve to gather enough strength to achieve it is anger and resentment, or in many instances the illusion of going to third parties to solve one´s life and manage personal energy by remote control. Some spiritual circles respond by promising help through angels and archangels of popular belief that, reflecting our own demands, are magically delegated to cut ties with a sword of light, or by issuing hypnotic formulas of enchantment. As if it were as simple as saying, “I release you!” Yet other organizations convince us that a redeeming fire, a prayer, or some miracle can eliminate evils that attachments have engendered, thus creating more and more deception, fascination, dependence and enslavement.

How can it be possible to annul or segment one´s life energy, without assuming responsibility for our exploitation and without making effort to transform it? It would be like a child who by just saying “I’m sorry”, receives the indulgent embrace of his parents who absentmindedly parrot its desire for everything to be just fine. It reminds us of the pardons bought from the Church in the Middle Ages. We are not children and we are not in the Middle Ages.

Freedom is not possible without the dissolution of filters and interpretations that condition and hold energy in patterns. It is the just opposite of slavery that, by some kind of self-indulgence or convenience clouds the perception of what is real to satisfy us in the moment. It is sad to see how much more people prefer to be stimulated by cycles of excitement and fear than by freedom and inspiration.


Attachment cannot be dissolved; the energy that defines it is transformed and circulated. It requires effort and discipline, something that for the self-indulgent personality is very difficult. It only happens when sufficient Will (PFC) is generated and this aligns with the power of Presence.

The work of dissolving attachment is neither easy nor simple. My intention in this article as in my blog, is to familiarize the reader with the dynamics of creation of thought-forms and psychophysical cords to minimize or avoid them, to understand the suffering they cause and the slavery that is lived in the name of pleasure and happiness, and to expand perception and the possibility of life in freedom.


The only source of power capable of transforming psychophysical energies is the Will-Power of the Self. Our purpose should be to identify and isolate it from the automatic dynamics of ordinary thinking. Determination and discernment are required, along with the mastery of personal energy bodies (PEB).

The tool we use in our school to change the quality of energy is the Alchemical Alignment. The intention at this time is to remove the impulse of justification in favour of attachment, distinguishing it from energy quality. (I refer the reader to the previous article, KNOW XXII LAURA, A COLOCAR EL LINK CUANDO SE CUELGUE OFICIALMENTE ESE ARTICULO Y LO TENGAS)

First, we stop stoking the fire of memory or desire. It is not about distraction, but about observation, focus, and holding-of-the-intention.

Second, Introspection is done.

Third, the energies of the three personal energy bodies are evoked in order to isolate the meaning (mental, emotional) that feeds the impulse (physical). The personal focus of Consciousness, without the controlling influence of the personality, will release the personal meanings impressed on the energy.

Finally, liberated energy circulates through the body with neutrality, as a state of spontaneous natural being, without being tied to a person or condition. Now it is available to be used appropriately.