Dimensions of Consciousness - Part 2

The most important consideration for a Seeker of Truth is the way in which she or he resonates with the world.  In other words the quality we emit as a consequence of our interests.  This next level of dimensions demands the absence of personal preoccupation that opens the way for Wisdom.

We are meant to “know”.

We could tune into our very blood stream and know when something is not right.   Equally, we could understand a wholly different perspective from the one we habitually hold.  We could Time Travel, or read impressions from remote antiquity without technological aid or scientific reasoning.  We could do these things and bring back liberating information free from the calculating, negotiating mind of the lower dimensions.  The fact that in a large measure we do not know what we could know reflects the stubbornness with which we cling to personal importance.

Just as through the basic human range of dimensions we learned to handle detail physically and mentally, project ideas, and colour our creations with emotionally charged nuances, by using higher mental faculties we are able to attract, intuit, infer, induce and connect through space and time with all of life.  

Consciousness in this second range of dimensions begins at the holistic perceptual level and spreads into a conceptual experience of pure dynamics.   It covers the seventh through ninth dimensions of Consciousness that employ the sentient intelligence of the Heart as Higher Mind.  (see “Know Thyself IV, Mind + “Know Thyself V, Consciousness”)  Its range is finer than any conceived by the intellectual or academic range, or by the emotional reflections of the psychic or astral worlds.

Unfortunately, not enough people are trained to understand the multileveled reality we inhabit without distorting it with belief and superstition. Occasional glimpses of intuition are most often-fanciful desires or projected fears, out of touch with the vibrant field of Reality.  To correctly access the dynamic nature of Creation, the limiting Cartesian principles that dictate a reality circumscribed to what we can see, feel, touch, and sense directly, must be relinquished.  Equally, the hope that a bearded daddy in the sky, as commander-in-chief to a host of invisible, winged do-gooders who ward off evil if we behave, must be given up.  Instead, a self-assurance borne out of experimentation and a grounded, integrated posture is necessary.

From this point onwards, perception is easily tainted by the shadows of the lower phenomenological world.  Only a discriminating mind will be able to distinguish truth from imitation.  This second tier of dimensions depends on the ability to be discerning.  It begins when we trust ourselves fully, not for what we can do or represent, but for “what” we are: an inner Presence.  The way to sustained higher forms of perception is paved alone, with integrity, discipline, and the kind of purity that is gained by devotion to Truth.

The seventh dimension became popular with the surge of the New Age.  It is the arena of Jungian archetypes and historical perspective, the seat of holistic neutrality and humanity.  Rather than arising out of emotional excess, the sentiment that colours this level responds to the clear insight that Perfection, Justice and a Divine Plan do in fact exist, and we form an integral part of it.

At this stage, the mystic and the scientist meet in their respective ability to focus on a goal.  They must know what it is like to persevere through the ordinary obstacle course in every day life, for the sake of the Ideal.  At this level, high emotion and pure Mind are synonymous.

The seventh dimension is the place where time and distance converge.  Past present future is embraced as an energetic experience of wholeness.  The distinction between the lower functions of the mind that scans detail and attains to abstraction, and the higher mind that sees beyond divisions globally and coherently, is clear.  The seventh, eighth and ninth dimensions work closely together, much like the fourth, fifth, and sixth did at the first level of consciousness in matter.

The eighth dimension is a potent nexus of dynamic vortexes of energetic potential.  When we attain to this range of frequencies, we experience the impulse that will allow us to contact new possibilities and configurations at the next dimension, the ninth.  Whenever we wish to know something and we don’t possess the logical tools for it, we involuntarily evoke the frequencies within the eighth dimension.  Its arrowed purposefulness induces a search, and we find ourselves vibrating with a power that scans over time and space and will not stop until we reach that condition that will elicit an answer.  It is pure dynamism and triggers the moment of “eureka” or illumination that defines discovery and prophecy.

In a way, the eighth and ninth dimensions resemble the fantasy world of spaceships and strange, ethereal winged creatures.  System, clarity, complex and parallel order prevail.  Forms appear as luminous movement and the experience of transportation is instantaneous.  But it is no fantasy.  The frequencies of these dimensions catalyse knowledge and precipitate insight that we bring back to our concrete world.

The ninth dimension evokes the state of reverie of a musician, a mathematician or a scientist.  It is a subtle state of Being that lives, breathes and understands the unique world of musical scores, numbers and formulas.  The dimension conveys form and measure, communication and transportation harmoniously.

At this middle range, images, sensations, and energetic qualifications serve as guides.  To perceive emanation rather than form at these levels, we involuntarily use our “subtle senses”.  Words alone could not describe what we perceive.  Understanding dawns through analogy and a kind of poetic association.  These senses are finer and merge with one another.  They arise through the body but are not part of it.  We perceive with our hearing and see through smell, touch, and tone.  We feel in colours and appear to taste the right or wrongness of conditions.

This range is the natural realm of evolved women and men who have been graced with intuitive genius.  It is also a spectrum that although active in different ways in all of humanity, is not recognized or acknowledged sufficiently, largely because it is so often confused with sentimental illusion.

Let me give examples of the kind of holistic perception I am speaking about.  Whenever we wish to understand a person, an event, a tendency or an evolutionary process, an intelligent person intuitively connects with a cognitive faculty that is no longer dual or multiple, because it addresses a unitary principle beyond diversity.  This is the frequency of the seventh, eighth and ninth dimensions.  It is the realm of the diplomat and a quantum physicist.  They conceive of past present future as a unit and give us probabilities.

When we consider Peace in inoffensive fairness, we are dealing with a holistic concept that is anathema to the idea of tolerance among disparate parts.  The first is seventh dimensional perception; the second pertains to the ordinary linear range of thought.  Visions of processes of this scope that comprise global form and measure, that ignite brotherhood, do not emerge from the brain but from the sentient intelligence of the heart that awakens through deeply humane concerns, a mixture of feeling and understanding as Justice.

These finer vibrations define states of Being that are intensely dynamic.  Minds and bodies that are riddled with three-dimensional judgment are unable to vibrate in resonance with them; instead they react with hatred, egoism and more separation.

The influence of these dimensions, particularly the seventh, is very strong at the moment.  It offers an important key to the transformation and eventual transmutation of our world.  This kind of intelligence provides our civilization with global understanding that resonates with the Christ or Higher Mind.  A great number of human beings integrating past and possible future are already poised here.

If we were able to halt the movement of time and experience it in compacted space, we would understand the tremendous pressure of the higher dimensional range of experiences. There is an unbearable, unstoppable yearning at the heart of every human being towards the pursuit of Truth, Beauty, Love and Harmony that will manifest fully in the finest range of dimensional frequencies as the truly spiritual experience.

We will study them next.