Fear, Money and The Domination of The Collective Mind

Minds and bodies are affected by ordinary emissions, the majority subliminal. In time these impressions become beliefs. The profusion of thoughts and emotions is so powerful that a single human being, or even a small group, cannot disassociate from it entirely. Their fields of influence create massive barriers that exert unimaginable power over logic and intuition. They determine global programming that continues to stoke imaginary or realistic survival anguish. It is as subtle as it is evident, especially if we consider that the society that manipulates us is our own selves.

Nothing escapes the actual environmental and socio-economic condition that exerts a formidable physical and psychological pressure within the human being in all parts of the world. The stress imposed by the depersonalisation of technology and automation, the relational conflicts engendered by growing artificiality and spiritual disconnection, the frustration that erupts from creativity suffocated by material demands, the increase of chemicals in medicine and food, all contribute to the lack of vitality and inspiration in our bodies and morale. It is difficult to generate the necessary forces to reach greater perception or genuine insight. We survive in an atmosphere of sustained fear.

Fear is most powerful irrational force that threatens the edifice of human evolution. Notable figures from Attila the Avenger to terrorists and religious fanatics of the present time have exploited it to control the world. Today we generate it ourselves in the sanctity of our home with the vocabulary and emotions we release daily.

Fear establishes inalterable priorities. Many of us are convinced that we live in times of scarcity of every sort, and it is difficult to speak of possibilities of manifesting abundance and prosperity with any credibility. Heading a long list of beliefs in lack is the emotional attitude that contaminates them all. What we feel determines what we call “real”. If in some way we could situate ourselves innocently in the present and determine which are essential priorities, the external world would cease to control us. Unfortunately, we give more importance to appearances that reflect our expectations than to the possibility of something different. Most times we have neither time nor energy to reach our depths. The “reality” in which we believe is far from being Real.

Many of us have chosen to live in a positive, constructive manner, but the path towards coherence between spirit and matter continues to be uphill. Without stressing the negative that we find disagreeable, we must become aware of the heavy atmosphere in which we live and how we contribute to it without knowing it. We energise a gloomy reality with the comments, attitudes and postures we emit automatically and constantly. This “real” world exists because we are continuously affirming it. It is an extensive complex phenomenon, and has many deep roots, arising from the depths of the human being, even if we only observe its external branches. At its centre we find a radical disconnection from our innermost being. Insecurity and fear are consequences of not living according to that which we Are.

The dominant mind frame states: “There is scarcity!” “It’s a dangerous world!” “Be careful!” “Don’t draw attention!” “Hide!” “Don’t trust anyone!” “Protect yourself!” This is the recipe for daily life. Such a picture allows anyone to sell or manipulate you through the illusion of protecting you or giving you an advantage. In such a world, appearances are more valuable than inner truth, material conditions more important than spirituality. Control acquires the façade of “love”, “affection” and “caring”. Each person controls someone or something for his or her own “good”.

We get nowhere today without a good public relations campaign predicated on exploitation. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the “economic situation”. Popularity is won with money and often with lies. Money reigns supreme and buys everything, including reputation and prestige.

The truth is that we take on the appearance of what we fear that which we already are, or that which we hide. We control another who in fact controls us, creating a chain of half-truths and spontaneous manipulations. Everyone complains about the lack of money and those who complain the most are those who travel and amuse themselves the most, whose children go to concerts and private schools, and who dine in restaurants regularly, even if their conversation is peppered by affirmations of scarcity and the cost of things. We criticise North Americans and we want to be like them. Meanwhile, we pride ourselves in being thrifty by counting the change.

We are convinced that we cannot live without money. This catalyses an aggressive negativity that also foments a wave of destructive impotence and apathy that is on the increase. Something primal converts the most intelligent person into a radical egomaniac or a paranoid hysteric. Contagion is phenomenal. The fact that we condition ourselves to think in terms of limitation says much about the vacuity of the human being, the susceptibility to beliefs, the manipulation to which it subjects itself. The fact is that when enough people think in a certain way, they crystallise an implacable scenario of conditioning.

Nevertheless, the problem is not in selecting among options but in recognising that the illusion (belief) reflected in the outer world is inalterable. To say that we are not interested, that it does not concern us, or that we do not understand economy or finance is evasive and cowardly. There is no governmental indoctrination or act of goodwill from religious institutions that could fully dissipate the fear that manipulates humanity in the form of survival and that obstructs the remembrance of the power of What and Who we are.

I ask you to look inside yourself to determine which side you are on. Are you part of the collective that believes that the evils of the world exist outside of you and that we are its victims? Or are you on the side that seeks solutions, still believing that “doing” things will remedy the situation? Both options are based on deceit. If we are victims, it is because we do not inquire deeply enough to contact the centre of real power within. We have no intimate knowledge of our Self.   Looking for solutions gives more power to the illusion, and we remain on the periphery, outside of ourselves.

So, what to do about the economic situation? What to do with this anguishing “reality”?

Four suggestions:

  • Recognise real priorities
  • Disassociate yourself from external influences
  • Create inner space to feel what is genuine
  • Change the way you think

We possess inner spaciousness, a refuge, and a source of infinite possibility. This source has nothing to do with the material world. Its strength inspires, sustains, and reveals a sensitive, beautiful life and world where money and power are secondary and yet very possible. Contact with this power allows for a direct management of time and even the creation of resources. The feelings that lie behind the belief in scarcity are not related to money or to the possibility of making it; they revolve around the meagre concept we have of ourselves. They blind us and limit our possibilities.

If we could focus on what we are capable of thinking and feeling, instead of what we fear and project… we would have a better world. If we knew the inner space that is wholly ours, we would assess real priorities and perceive the radical changes called for. We would be able to neutralise those complexes and alter the tidal wave of antagonisms that are deeply rooted, the mistrust and mutual exploitation that nourish false vested interests.

Generically, this type of sensitive intelligence and ability is characteristic to the female structure and its polarities, capable of identifying, sustaining, and managing emotional content easily. Upon this possible empathetic resonance society may recognise the real value of things and adequately emit new attitudes and opportunities.

Only the frequency of a human being who recognises itself as source and is aligned with higher forces within, can effect real change. A few of us working together can facilitate a restructuring of the global program, not only because we “think” it, but because we know that we “Are” that. This space within us spontaneously knows the Real, that which attracts and supplies our needs. Those of us who are willing to participate must learn to modulate and change our own frequencies to emit thought-forms that are beneficial, constructive, and appropriate for the time.

The active Consciousness of the heart as intelligence emits a unique quality of light-substance that is healing and capable of transforming matter itself to affect the foundation upon which our world is constructed. Let us stop affirming that we “cannot” and giving so much importance to the subject of money in our thoughts, conversations, and daily complaints.