Inner Alchemy Philosophy

Since time immemorial, Man has sought to discover the keys to his perfect original Nature, and the dignity, power and happiness that come with this. He has walked multiple roads: from philosophy to Quantic Science, from mysticism to the most formal religion, from abstract spirituality and esoteric practices and theory to magical formulas.  

Within all this there is a clear division between that which seeks power and the line of service - the Heart - which understands that only through the development of human qualities like sensibility, empathy and correspondence can the door to genuine transformation be opened.

The Zulma Reyo School of Consciousness is part of the line of service and has developed a methodology based on the understanding and use of energy. This consists in identifying and discerning the mechanisms and dynamics that operate in the human being, beyond psychological and symbolic interpretations that tend to stereotype and maintain him within existing rigid formats.

This road leads to a neutral perception allowing the individual to discover their real Being, apart from the habits, manias, fears and so on that make up his personality.  

When the individual becomes aware of the nature of the various mechanisms and dynamics of his personality, the encapsulated energy within them may be consciously and intelligently requalified and redirected

The purpose of our School is to arrive at a perception leading to genuine transformation and manage the personality so that it commands and serves Consciousness. We employ a flexible methodology, using many different tools depending on what is required.