Inner Alchemy: Superconciousness

I have been training people in Inner Alchemy for thirty years and it is always a challenge to describe its methods without using terms that imply “doing” and the acquisition of knowledge. Inner Alchemy cannot be compared to ordinary instruction or any form of therapy. The training is not about information and abilities but about a catalytic process of transformation that begins within the individual and extends into reverberations that affect the universe.

Human transformation is a difficult process. No amount of understanding or traditional learning can qualitatively alter ego-structure because restructuring does not involve a decision or the activation of the linear mind; on the contrary. Alchemical transformation occurs by grace of soul and spirit involvement beyond the rational mind. The individual must separate itself from its identifications and stand firmly in an energetic identity that is formless. Unless the personality is under the conscious command of higher will, and its connection with spirit is clear and firm, alchemical operations are impossible.

Only a human being in alliance with planetary and cosmic forces can execute an alchemical operation. The lodestone is not a physical magnet but the person itself, who evokes, handles, and directs energy and force. The aim is transmutation and the reconstruction of worlds through the powers vested in a human being who, as Consciousness incarnate, embodies prime substance. The operator is the higher will of Consciousness through flexible, clear human intelligence.

Natural processes of perception and redirection of energy are automatic, unconscious, but in Inner Alchemy they become conscious tools. The difficulty for people lies in forsaking their tenacious hold over personal reality, and perceive, understand, and act “out of the box”. The greatest part of the work is to stop doing what we do normally and to unlearn the standard classification system erected on “credible”, tangible, concrete fact. We develop another form of intelligence that is non-linear, more closely attuned to feeling sensibility than to intellectual categorisation.

Unlearning is difficult; it implies making space rather than filling it. Putting aside the habit of relying on sensory perception and meaning is equally arduous. Learning becomes all about space and hidden sensitivities, about flow and direct experience transmitted in rhythmic codes and deeply subjective resonance. As enigmatic as its methods, alchemy occurs in a hiatus, an empty space of not knowing resembling meditation, with the distinction that it calls for the ability to differentiate frequencies, quality, and material reality, from emotional and spiritual expression. One does not just let go and float in a space of tranquillity; focus and purpose are called for. As we unlearn and relearn, we hone the ability to observe, experience, and know, human attributes that allow for discernment and discrimination, direction and construction from another perspective.

In the context of the teaching, “inner” implies the perception of ultra-high frequency phenomena through inner sensibilities or “senses”. There is no one formula; its activation is dependent on individual heightened sensibility beyond personal interest. Perception is empowered by the highest level of Self and then decoded through the conscious management of unique polarised human faculties, inherent to gender. A person living in awareness of its human and divine abilities can manage substance and determining levels of reality. It perceives deeply and its influence extends over vast spaces.

Inner Alchemy training involves refining the instrument of perception, and that instrument is none other than the personal self. As we are and where our interests lie, so we perceive the world around us. Inner objectivity is needed, where perception occurs beyond subjective psychological processes. Although the work is not analytic or therapeutic, it involves a certain tolerance to insecurity and doubt, and a self-critical appraisal that is bound to be uncomfortable. Anyone who is willing to go beyond the comfort zone to clear the windows of perception qualifies for instruction. More mental or intellectual types of intelligence struggle the hardest, as do emotional and sensory types that cling to self-gratification.

Through the in-depth study of oneself and the ingredients that we use spontaneously – thought, feeling and resonance – we learn about Nature and its dynamics. Then our conscious body-mind triggers the refinement of matter, and the elements of earth, water, fire, and air express themselves as natural human attributes of coherence, feeling, inspiration and communication. Angelic collaboration is possible. Just by becoming conscious and fully aware, we alter the proportion of consciousness and matter in favour of light and expansion; we acquire the power to recondition elements, and redefine our global context. Once the basics of Inner Alchemy have been mastered, we become purposeful agents for global change.

Men’s mind can be attuned to Inner Alchemy, but it is easier for women who already live in non-linear realities, the main reason the Feminine Mysteries programme is such an important project of our agenda. At present, an activation of women’s peculiar energy polarities combined with the intellectual flexibilization of men’s abilities is called for. The purpose of Inner Alchemy is to bridge human with divine perception and manifest it through gender excellence as the “inner woman” and the “inner man” in our concrete world. The result is to liberate a transmuting force onto our world that will facilitate an evolutionary leap.

Inner Alchemy responds to present day humanity’s urgent desire to create a better world for us and for generations to come. In the same manner as the fine particles of our personality composite vibrate as one and respond collectively to any alteration, the entire physical universe, solar system, and galaxy also responds to the modified structure of a single human being. Inner Alchemy aligns the individual with the greater Intelligence that rules the universe to attain to the highest condition that incarnated wisdom allows – becoming a channel of earth and cosmic force.

What conditions our personal conglomerate is that same as that which rules the universe: Consciousness. Inner Alchemy liberates Consciousness and then shows us how we can apply it in benefit of the whole. We become the whole. Super consciousness IS the cornerstone of Alchemy.