Linking With The Source - Conclusion

Preliminary Steps and Kinds of Connection

What happens?

How am I affected?

I.  Observation and Sensitivity

Learn to observe, identify and administer your energies in daily life. Our school teaches the method of Introspection whereby you learn to distinguish physical energies from emotional and mental frequencies, to identify, alter, and neutralise them.

Through the direct experience of each type of energy, we become proficient in modulating energies to introduce more constructive forms of expression. We learn thought-management and balance without repressing, condemning, or blocking the natural flow of life through us. We learn how to re-channel and re-qualify it.

This now allows for discrimination and selectivity. We identify the energetic framework of conditions and understand how they affect us. This is where the journey begins, when we choose and modulate deliberately, rather than instinctively ward off negativity or recur to automatic offensive-defensive manoeuvres. Self-growth is the natural consequence of sensibility and observation, where we substitute refined thought, feeling and sensation upon our body network and alter the effects we produce in our surrounding world.

II. Inner Dialogue. Priorities. Mobilisation.

Take observation and sensibility a step further. The first stage reveals affinities and dissonances. This awakens an appetite for greater contact with beauty and truth. Meditation and prayer answer this growing need.

At first, perception is linked to practices but gradually we may notice that an altered state is not necessarily linked to technique. Exploration may spontaneously extend into other areas of daily life.

With the practice of the Alchemical Alignment, this is when we dialogue with the Presence. Prayer deepens and meditation often becomes a way of life that includes personal need on the one hand and external obligations on the other. Time is set aside for periods of communion where all other activity is suspended to focus appropriately. Many people remain here, alternating between the inner and the outer world activities.

This stage defines the “we-Thou” relationship. One part is “That” which grants us peace and insight, relief, and joy. “I” am here and “That” is there. There is a clear connection but also a distance, a reverence, “fear of the Lord”. Eventually we may realise that we are producing the connection. “God” is with and within us, but still separate.

Based on this type of connection, self-help techniques and do-it-yourself methods are designed to improve oneself and life conditions. Sometimes the “Thou” disappears and what remains is a powerful “I” who can “do” just about anything. This gives considerable room for thought and adds more fuel to the fire where personal ego flourishes.

III. Discernment, Aspiration, and Responsibility

If development from the second stage does not follow the self-indulgent intellectual power-trip of the ego into an imagined emancipation, but instead retains the sense of wonder and spiritual awe of the connection with the “Thou”, despite the recognition that it is self-induced, something different happens. Arises the sense of the sacred. The relationship develops into a holy bond. The practice of the Alchemical Alignment allows for intimacy of this sort. The dialogue between personality and Source, receiving energetic or even insightful response is very nourishing.

Because of the inner, highly-sensitive and intimate nature of this contact, this is the first time that a genuine connection to Source is made beyond the intellect. It is perceived as something transcendent, and yet very intricately linked with our humanity. For the first time Source has a human voice. It is compassionate and understanding. We feel blessed. This is the point where we truly enter the spiritual path. When the faculties of sensitivity embrace both intelligence and feeling, the journey towards Self-realisation begins, marked by a strong longing for completion with that “other” aspect of Self.

Some people lose themselves in the mystic connection and do not go into the terrain of the esoteric or the occult. They remain contemplative. However, those whose emotional nature or mystical leaning is awakened but who preserve an intense sense of the rational now enter the path of the Seeker of Truth.

It is not easy to accept oneness with the divine; it is even more difficult to directly apply the revelation to our lives. A sense of duality persists. Rather than absolute freedom, as espoused by spiritual anarchists, the understanding that we are fully responsible for ourselves and for the world dawns on us, and it is staggering.

Doubts set in from all sides. Our entire world could fall apart.

Contact with Source is intelligent, reasonable, and triggers creativity and ideas. We draw lines and set up conditions. We pursue higher learning or recur to sacred texts and ritual. We may join groups.

IV. Sublimation, Communion, and Ethics

If doubt is counterbalanced by the activation of higher feeling, the dialogue is no longer merely theoretical. It is highly emotional and disconcerting to the intellect.

By now the person has developed the ability to experience from the perspective of the personality as well as to perceive from the perspective of Source and can switch from one range of frequencies to another at will. Identity is fluid and contact is stable.

A sense of Presence above and within blends with a feeling-sense of self. The former reveals the latter. Perception of ordinary problems and situations neutrally from a higher understanding prevails most of the time, as does the ability to sublimate and transmute. The interaction between these two aspects of Self allows for the modulation of energies and the refinement of substance. An understanding of the dynamics of energy ranging from highest to densest, from godliness as Presence, through the frequencies of soul, and ending in the body and personality, is established. Personality can access and communicate with Presence.

The genuine seeker who pursues this path with exceptional care and consciousness, and who refuses to give in to persuasions or enticements, pride, or self-satisfaction, penetrates through the charisma of the Self in authentic communion. It is a repeat performance of what happened earlier, only now the individual knows through personal experience that godliness is not only within but is the very nature of Self.

It is still difficult to fully accept our Nature, knowing all the contradictions that define the human plane and act within us. This is the moment when ethics and integrity are sharpened. The seeker calls for clarity and direction. Involvement in the world has led to a greater degree of harmlessness and integrity.

How to know truth from human creation?

Will other means work just as well

How to I distinguish the different levels of perception?

How do we know that we are connecting

to dimensions of higher mind and knowledge?

The frequencies that we experience daily reveal the range of energies that are within our grasp. As we make room for alternatives and expand awareness, we can sustain greater voltages coherently. We go from one end of the alignment spectrum to the other, from personality to Presence and back again, perusing the entire scale.

Having made the preliminary preparations and taken the necessary precautions we address the Presence within the Alchemical Alignment, not just stopping to delight at the juncture of the heart but now to deliberately reach higher Consciousness by activating the Points of Light, invisible nuclei of cosmic light at the centre of every atomic particle.

  When the physical, emotional, and mental energies of the personality are relaxed and under control, attention shifts from ordinary to subtle and inner senses. Upon reaching maximum intensity, first impressions are usually of light, joy, and expansion. A clear difference is sensed between physical body weight and density, and the finer resonance and extension of light that spread from the Points of Light to now constitute the body for Consciousness.

The Experience

Awareness is of space. There is nowhere to go. We are here. We have always been here. We will always be here.

In this connection the body is intensely alive and pulsing, vital and present. The entire range of feeling and sensations is open to us, and yet (in juxtaposition to our ordinary attention) we feel distant from it all. There is a sense of pervading and neutral expansiveness. As if in the midst an ocean of emotions but untouched by them. Riding the intensity within which, they express themselves.

The two states, the personality and the Presence exist simultaneously in two different planes, perceived in one moment of time.

The mind is blindingly clear. I say “blindingly” because it does not function as linear thinking. We “see-think-feel”. Thinking is a function of seeing and sensing. Sometimes a symbol appears. Sometimes a sensation of knowing without context or content arises. Nonetheless, there is a focus: our identity as Self.

The Return

Thoughts appear only when we initiate the return journey and decelerate the vibrational frequency to decode the information. We decelerate by “remembering” or re-tuning into the body sensation as weight and density. Attention directs the course of the journey as well as the quality of the experience.

This is the moment to reconnect with the body and deepen the breathing that was exceptionally fine whilst in full connection. At that level breathing was long and spherical, linked to frequencies of light. We now breathe deeply into the belly and into the heart of matter.

Not-knowing is the key, allowing ourselves to be imbibed by the energy field where the elements for response lie. Intelligence at these levels is beyond concept; it is formless, a “state” of being. The meaning comes eventually.

Remember that personality and Self are the same Consciousness at different levels.

There is a definite lack of compulsion, urgency, recrimination, or judgment. All is serene, fluid. Habitual thoughts, feelings and sensations are suspended while being enfolded by a tremendously heightened complex of expanded multiple faculties. This may last for a short or a longer period of time.

Doubt and fear are anathema to the process of decoding that unfolds only in an atmosphere of trust and faith, the experience of a wide, intense, diffuse arena that enfolds the seeds of possibility.


Questioning and uncertainty arise only when we get back home and are again susceptible to the doubts and fears of the personality. And this is where the work done on the previous levels of preparation pays off and distortions of the personality are averted. We know the name of our game, the investments we hold, and we see right through them.

The information or the memory of the experience becomes painful for the personality as sadness or a sense of loss only under the grip of personal affliction. This can happen when feeling obligated to making complex decisions, when moved to take radical steps, or when it concerns another person. We feel the pain of attachment and identification clearly and we know how others feel. We sense it because we experience it ourselves.

When we see from the perspective of the Presence or any higher dimensional position, we simply know and feel. There are no options. We cannot alter conditions. All we see are possibilities and what has already been set into motion. No seer worth his or her salt can ever predict with certainty. We can only observe and understand the meaning of “consequences”.

Perhaps therefore, so few people really wish to know. Connecting to Source is serious business. Far from providing us with escape or blissful routes of self-involvement, it confronts us with truths that are often hard to bear.