Linking With The Source - Part 1

How to develop accurate perception?

What is authentic, imaginary, or projected?

Perception and Authenticity

Rational understanding and determination are not enough to reach higher consciousness. Information doesn’t alter vibrational frequency. The world already has too many informed people who “think” that they know. It changes nothing. Consciousness demands a continual process of adapting and integrating information and insight into daily life, living a truth so thoroughly that it becomes a part of us. Then we know because we experience it with full sensibility, and that shows in how and what we perceive.

Spirituality requires a good dose of common sense. Cosmic doorways do not open in response to our desire and illumine humanity as by an act of grace. People themselves generate the voltage needed for attunement linking inner disposition and the climate of the universe. This implies the correct use of all our faculties and a balanced life approach that deals effectively with light and dark in every aspect of life. Resistance and flexibility are important to benefit from galactic energies liberated cyclically. Bear in mind that in the universe as in the human being, chaos and order exist side by side with light as a common denominator. The small earthly human is not the centre of Creation. Great cosmic movements take place constantly that have nothing to do with personal enlightenment. There is no quantum leap awaiting earthlings. People live happily ever after only in fairy tales.

Things don’t just “happen” to us. We need to understand how the Law functions. We are facilitators and instruments of intelligence. Spiritual growth of the kind that changes society and affects evolution on all levels implies a global development of consciousness and a process of application. There cannot occur a mass ascension unless a critical number of human beings is at a level of frequency that can coherently sustain the higher frequencies being liberated. This has not yet happened.

The real world is a prelude to the voltages of the universe. Most people who attend “mass ascensions” and “portal openings” fearfully oppose any strong energies that appear negative or violent to them. How could they sustain “intense” bliss?

Daily life is defined by the dense, slow frequency of matter. Any greater or radical shift elicits fear, discomfort, anger and anxiety for most people, who translate this into negative or paranoid labelling. Then, instead of heating fire burns, instead of loving there is fear and subjugation, instead of knowing there is confusion, irritation, and even insanity. Finally, instead of active, independent, creative helpers, individuals become weak, dependent appendages of those who claim to “know”.

Imagine the power and forces of outer space. Then imagine yourself floating out there without a protective suit and proper training! Inwardly it is the same kind of pressure in meditation. Our structure and identity would splinter and shatter without the construction of real character and the equipment needed for spiritual activity. Resistance needs to be built up physically and mentally so that we are able to incorporate, sustain, and translate all aspects of the marvellous Self.

Alignment with the Source

The Alchemical Alignment bridges two perspectives of Consciousness, the ordinary self and a Source point we call the Presence. The alignment suggests a ladder of frequencies extending from ordinary physical awareness into high voltages of light. It is easy enough to grasp the concept and yet difficult to put into practice.

It requires that the body, mind, and feelings that we use in our ordinary world become available to powerful frequencies of Intelligence. At first, the Source is perceived as “out” or “up there” somewhere. Imagination works fulltime. We produce excitement tantamount to our expectation and imagine receiving blessings. In time we may discover that “up there” is within, but real contact cannot happen until a person is able to sustain all sort of intensity.

Our Alignment is merely a map that outlines a route of acceleration and deceleration. In life we are obligated to respond, heighten, neutralise, or tone down our energies. In spiritual work we are required to accelerate the vibratory rhythms of our bodies to access truth and subsequently decelerate to decode it as we bring it back. Consciousness training consists in modulating the rhythms in which our bodies, feelings and minds vibrate to manage force appropriately.

Connection with source involves a parallel process of enfoldment, discernment, discrimination and filtering out the superfluous and the apparent, the wishful thinking and the self-indulgent from core truth. It involves developing and refining our senses and sensibilities as we expand awareness and develop understanding.

Although Source is One, for each of us it is perceived differently. This is a riddle that can only be understood when it is experienced at the highest levels of Consciousness. Each of us is unique but also indelibly linked to all and everything.

There are as many distinct levels and versions of reality as there are languages in the world. The highest level of energy frequencies we can handle in integrity defines the greatest reality that we are able to experience. Volumes and intensities that are not tolerated and integrated by our bodies, minds and feelings block access to other ranges of possibilities. Our systems must be modulated and altered voluntarily and consciously. This applies to dimensional intelligence and ultimately to contact with Source.

What differentiates one kind of reality from another is the meaning that we lend it when we decode the experience. Light perceived by a group of people transmits a different message to each one. Reality varies according to capacity and need. Fusing and blending indiscriminately as we do with one another through our loves and hatreds, attractions, and rejections, it is not so easy to identify our own unique qualities and difference. We have come to depend all too heavily on others and their energy to define us.

Establishing a baseline is fundamental. This requires that we know how we function and respond sufficiently to distinguish when we contact other sources. Then we can read our own energies, evaluate, and diagnose ourselves and conditions, and apply our genuine potential.

And then we must know what we want. What level of reality are we addressing? What or who is it for? What is the purpose of our connection? Is it personal? Is it service? This is as important as knowing oneself. It gives direction to our energies and colours the scope of probabilities. Beyond the initial exploratory stages of linkage and harmonisation, contact with Source is determined by need and intent. At first it is merely exploratory, and much healing and balancing takes place. Then it acquires more context: to clarify an issue, to seek orientation, to procure understanding of a situation. Later it may become a desire to help others; this demands willingness to discover other perspectives than our own and perceive beyond the veils of illusion that cover daily life.