The Infinite Forever

Here-Now suggests experiencing a kind of Infinite-Forever that embraces the world we know but also the many layers that cannot be measured in time or space.

Consciousness is everything; it vibrates as intelligent life in innumerable harmonies and frequencies. Knowing involves experiencing, embracing, and becoming one with every form of life, all we have been and ever could be. It touches upon Being. It is easier than we think, because it is not founded on piling up information but on inherent sensitivity and the natural quality we possess to observe and discriminate.

We live in multiple dimensions simultaneously, although our awareness may be limited to one or very few. Given certain conditions, a person is capable of living in time but also in timelessness. When this occurs, the vibrational frequencies of the mind and body oscillate much faster. Thinking becomes something entirely different from the deductive method we are familiar with.

When our aspiration is strong enough and the intention clear and impersonal, our Consciousness as Intelligence spontaneously shoots up to the highest level of perception and takes you into a state of Being. It is sensed as a non-linear experience, just prior to the type of reverie that triggers ecstasy and grace. Rather than rapture, this range is pure revelation.

This is what happens. The multidimensional structure of all life is like an onion. In the human model, all dimensions work efficiently and jointly to serve our core need in the third dimension, for the simple reason that we inhabit all of them. From our ordinary state, by the precise quality of desire, an inquiry may rise to a higher dimension spontaneously. At its best, it reaches the ninth dimension, the birthplace of form and measure, to experience itself as Concept that is simultaneously theory, not yet understandable to the rational faculties. Our body and emotions respond by resonance.

There it partakes of vibrational responses as it gradually descends into the eighth dimension where intense, dynamic forces inject it with specific codes, and conduce it to the next range of frequencies where linear decoding is possible. Finally, associative processes equip the formerly untranslatable insight into realistic possibility. All of this happens in an instant because, remember, in the dimensions we are speaking time does not exist and what matters is The Quest rather than the question.

For ordinary people who don’t know how to describe what actually happens to the mind and the related emotional and physical sensations, they experience a kind of tearing or lifting of a veil. Suddenly we “know” without knowing exactly what it is that we know. It might take seconds and yet it might feel as if hours went by. Sometimes the momentary vision is enough, but in the light of imminent physical sensations, often we forget about it and whatever insight was released simply vanishes. Sometimes we persist, like when we awaken from a dream where we have the sense of understanding something we cannot define. The moment we open our eyes it starts to fade and we need to concentrate keenly to pick up the pieces that scattered as we land in a more ordinary frequency.

Sleep is the best moment to receive answers, guidance, healing, or whatever else we may need, and it is well worth learning to program ourselves for it upon entering and also upon awakening. It is also the best time to release healing love, support, and messages to others. All we need do is desire it strongly enough and then let go of the thought as we slide into restful, mindless, confident sleep.

Timelessness is inexplicable. It occurs within the framework described above, but not always. A space opens up within a sort of time capsule that reveals components of all sorts. Once we return to normal consciousness, if we are unable to bridge the frequencies with our immediate reality, they remain sealed in a miniscule container: a formula, an idea, a symbol that contains myriad details within. Someday, maybe, we remember.

But, are we dependent upon the accidental descent of these states, or may they be induced? Thinking alone cannot reach them; neither can feelings. Each dimensional intelligence represents a particular range of frequencies that enfold our entire body-mind-emotional network, beyond daily activities and relationships. This is the work of occult schools throughout time, now decoded and taught as Inner Alchemy. It is as sublime as it is tangible.

Today, we are beset by the difficulties of administering and “making” time in our lives. Time appears to be accelerating, cluttered by the many impulses and “doing” of so many people, modern technology, and the increasing focus on multi-tasking. As a civilisation we seem to have lost touch with the spaces in-between reality. Re-connecting with this natural state is an imperative necessity if we are to keep our senses and expand spiritually in a way that is coherent with external development.

Inducing those frequencies that allow not only insight but also the “making” of the time we need, presupposes we set aside the ordinary range of frequencies we operate in. It requires attention and continuous observation beyond the apparent. Normally, our preoccupations cover just about everything that we do, think and feel in our daily lives, such as survival, relationship, finance, and the complex “ego” self-image we’ve composed.

For example. If I wish to discover what I need to “do” to find a partner, my body-mind-emotions are so entangled in personal yearnings that they keep me anchored at the third dimensional range. There is no way that I can take flight and discover anything beyond this limitation. There is no “above”; there is only craving, running from the past and racing towards a fanciful future. If I am looking for ways to make money because I am stuck in the conviction of beliefs that tie me to a survival mode, and I can’t pay the rent, the same thing happens. I cannot rise into the realms of higher mind. Even if I should succeed in abstracting my mind, my body and emotions remain at the third dimensional range of subliminal worry and tension. The body organism, as part and parcel of the universe, cannot be fooled.

Before any work can be done on genuine insight, transcendence, and including the sort of efficiency required to live spiritual truth IN the world, the individual has to confront daily life and personality issues before anything else. The intellect might lead us to believe that such “trivia” is not important and that we can put aside some personal issues while focusing on others. Such segmentation implies the use of concrete mind. Intelligence cannot access non-linear states while there is an unfinished agenda with material issues.

Attaining to coherence implies embracing the higher world once we have made peace with the lower. This doesn’t mean forgetting about problems, setting them aside, labelling them unimportant, or imposing what “should” be and then convincing ourselves it is so. Blame is equally unhealthy and useless. We do not heal by addition, just as we don’t become whole by annexing aspects that are totally alien to us. If there is any issue pending resolution, physical stability, emotional flexibility, or mental discipline… we are unable to rise to those dimensions of Being where we are already whole. All the attributes that we learn to employ in the material world are merely recognition of the senses and faculties we already possess at a supra-conscious level.

This brings us to the third level of Time. Whereas timelessness contains time condensed, the last, No-Time, has no relevance to time as we know it. It is experienced as infinite in suspended space without content. This too has a function. It impregnates our soul with a certain quality. It is as if we were called Home to be reminded by the highest aspect of our Self that we are loved and are part of a glorious field of scintillating Being. When we gradually return from that exceedingly fast range of subtlest vibrations, we carry the experience as pure Feeling, without being able to explain it. This defines the tremendous drawing force of meditation. It is especially precious because this kind of “time” requires no effort, all the contrary. Instead of our Intelligence rising to find it, it finds us wherever we are, if we are sensitive to it.

Time exists in the third dimension only. It relates to space, measure, and form: in other words, our physical concerns. If time becomes problematic, it is because we have divorced it (ourselves) from the broader picture. Beyond this, timelessness is the experience of receptivity that provides global insight. Solutions arrive spontaneously when the conditions within you are right, and you are willing to embrace other perspectives, no matter how uncomfortable these might be. Ultimately, touching those spaces allows us to function better in our third dimension. No-Time, however, is our legacy; it reflects Being or Source. It is the space where we are whole because we are One with our Self which already is all that we could ever hope to become.

My students learn to modulate their energetic bodies to attain dimensional spaces that will allow them to tap into helpful information and states of Being that will resonate in the third dimension. In the true meaning of “alchemy” they dive into the vibratory frequencies and befriend them. They work hard on tempering their personalities, discerning and discovering themselves at-One with the authority of Source within them. To arrive there, after many defeating frustrations, they discover one important truth: normal procedures do not apply, psychology here is useless, the game of substitution is a fantasy, and the illusion of being someone and somewhere else is folly.

However, there is always the one avenue of healing and repose available: prayer and meditation. Imbibe yourself with the wealth of inner light that flows constantly from the tenth dimension towards you as infinite grace. Become sensitive to it. Allow it. It comes from everywhere and in many forms. And you do not need to do anything for it.