The Master Practice explored

Our alignment (i.e., the Master Practice) is the basic tool for transformation which invites a shift of focus from the ordinary sensory state to a holistic frequency that resembles original sublimation. Rather than losing energy, energy is refined. Instead of provoking a ‘doing’, a higher state of ‘being’ is induced. The anchor for the body-personality is transferred from the body to the inner heart.

The forces of Light illuminate the way towards inner truths which are irrefutable and irreversible once experienced. Only personal experience reveals that there is but one energy, one substance, one source – Spirit- Self (God) within. Inner Alchemy is thus a process that leads to the very source of All That Is.

The Master Practice

The human structure is composed of both matter and Light; that is, earth- matter and cosmic force. In order to function as an integrated personality with higher Consciousness, it is essential to acknowledge and understand our makeup.

We have three basic points of reference: the physical body, the soul, and Spirit. Each offers a unique and different perspective. Without going into too much detail, for more will be covered in the following chapters, it is enough to understand that these three states are wholly available to you at all times.

In the third dimension (our ‘ordinary’ reality), the body reflects a larger proportion of matter and a minimal proportion of Light in order to function appropriately in physical reality. This proportion rapidly shifts according to where our focus of attention lies. In meditative states, for instance, our body composition leans towards a greater proportion of Light.

Inner Alchemy works through visualised and/or sensed energy, using colour, breath, and sometimes sound, to create Light forms which act through the body, the environment, or the situation evoked. The practice outlined here is the basic posture for every student of Inner Alchemy who must align with this energy in order to apply alchemical formulas in daily life.