The Neutral Mind

“Neutrality comes from wholeness. It does not imply tolerance, effort, control or calculation. It is the state of human intelligence when not under the grip of ambition or outside control. The Neutral Mind is the true Intelligence of a human being embracing its humanity and its divinity. The posture releases a powerful force capable of transforming our world. ”

— Zulma Reyo

Neutrality comes from wholeness. It does not imply tolerance, effort, control or calculation. It is the state of human intelligence when not under the grip of ambition or outside control. The Neutral Mind is the true Intelligence of a human being embracing its humanity and its divinity. The posture releases a powerful force capable of transforming our world.  

Every serious student of Truth is faced with a great challenge: to acquire neutrality that starts with self. For this the person has to break with the habit of accepting face values and indulging in personalised thinking, radically altering the dynamic of understanding and managing data, and adopting a causal perspective of life dynamics. This requires a flexible mind that decodes perception separately from personal identity.

To access this mind, one must transcend attachment to separation, the precious ego, and specialness. The best way to relax the mind and sensitise the emotions is through the Alchemical Alignment. In our school, the work of Introspection studies the dualities implicit in our beliefs and behavior in order to reach a global perspective. Added to the experience of alignment, the understanding of this polarised mind leads the student to perceive accurately.

We confuse intelligence with information that is gained by thinking in formulas, approved and rewarded by the collective. This information is the mere sum of belief, opinion and human behavior obtained through linear thinking and relates exclusively to the material world and its rules, a far cry from the Intelligence of Being. This kind of thinking is unfortunately transferred to our feeling world. There are no emotions or perceptions in our life that do not involve evaluative labeling.

The dynamic is built upon standard dichotomies, good-bad, useful-useless, and comfortable-uncomfortable that correspond to polarity. It guides, protects and rewards us, but only at the physical tangible level. Even mathematics and philosophy repeat the pattern, and “meditation” falls into the same criteria, prizing the “absence” of thought. Unfortunately, this kind of posturing undervalues the intelligence, barely remaining at a level of concretion – inert and categorical – and making it impossible to serve as inspiration and refinement of humanity.

To stop the mind as suggested by some traditions is impossible. What takes place is an evasion of the essential function of the human being and the purpose of incarnation. Human intelligence is created to access worlds and levels of reality and act as a bridge between them. We are destined to develop a flexible mind, capable of functioning at different levels.

The work of an aspirant is to adopt a position of neutrality that understands the excesses, embraces the opposites that govern our perspective, and transcend them with sensibility: a holistic or hologramic mind, which is known as the Neutral Mind or Christ Mind (without religious implications).

To understand it, you first have to understand how the common mind works.

The common mind and thinking.

Every day, the mind catalogues and associates. It is forced to make judgments, even if they are momentary, to guide us properly and to help us function in society. It reflects the desire to understand, communicate and belong. It involves consensus. Any activity, including the perception of a plant or tree, applies the same mechanism: to evaluate or identify based on a common physical and emotional language.

Thinking involves a very limited aspect of intelligence, yet it has become judge and guardian of our person and our world. It concentrates on measuring differences and describing the apparent, even when referring to emotions. It perceives individually and then fits the pieces together into a unit. It contemplates, handles, interprets, deduces and filters what the senses and opinions imply, reflecting a historical legacy by adapting and measuring elements appropriately.

In Inner Alchemy we teach to perceive with flexibility instead of fixity. To manage and modulate energies, a clear and conscientious Personal Focus of Consciousness (PFC) must be used . Without falling into intellectualism or emotionality, we apply an observation that recognises dual causes. It perceives beyond.

It is about sensible intelligence rather than calculation or deduction. It concerns freeing the concrete mind from its categorical incarceration and revealing the genuine power of intelligence whose nature is neutrality. Approaching the transparency that allows for the manifestation of the individualised Being.

We cannot manifest Being and see what it IS without having crossed the borders of our temporal identity. And, since to be of use in this world we need the ego at all times, in the process, the personal structure must become flexible without losing its stock of information. Unfortunately, the person automatically resists relinquishing habits of duality, as the senses insist on clinging to a polarised vision of reality. The student finds it difficult to recognise its dual nature, material and spiritual; thinking continues to swing between good-evil, positive-negative, black-white for a long time. The usual result is an increase in the level of tension and frustration, applying judgment instead of correction.

We must proceed step by step. We begin by understanding sensitivity.


The normal person confuses sensitivity with emotion and feeling because she/he has no other perspective than that of his body and his material reality. That is why the Alchemical Alignment, which teaches the experience of energy mobilisation and perception, is the first step.

Sensitivity is the subtle aspect of the ego that underlies beliefs. Sensations produced by beliefs, dressed in emotional nuances, reflect subjective values. Emotions give cohesion and quality. Within the popular compendium, everything acquires description or personal category. This is how “love” has come to include all kinds of addictions, controls, conditions and quasi-commercial transactions.

Getting rid of personalism is perhaps the hardest thing to do. Releasing these references for many people means to risk living a bland life. Connection with greater reality will not occur until that leap into apparent emptiness is made, supported exclusively on the direct experience (faith) of the Inner Presence.

What would neutral sensitivity be? It is the direct experience of Intelligence that includes supra-emotional sensitivity.

The Neutral Mind.

The nature of the Self is to see-feel as a state of continuous perceptual activity. The Neutral Mind is the real Intelligence of the human being connected with multiple levels of sensibility and manifestation.

Time is a reflection of matter and the polarity (linearity) of thought. In the neutral mind, although it embraces the understanding of all Time, time is not a separating factor.

Example. “We see-feel” in moments of great jubilation, of energetic intensity similar to an “awakening.” At that moment we see, feel and know simultaneously. We call it “insight,” a flash of perception that includes the concrete faculties of understanding through the mind, and feeling through the emotions. Once connected with this unified state of being, we perceive from the Presence and the personality at the same time.

While we are in a body, the material aspect necessarily takes precedence over the subtle, although the one should not fully exclude the other. Nonetheless, this means that attachments, tastes, conveniences and physical three-dimensional utility continue to exert a strong appeal until we fully awaken. The process suggested by neutral thinking leads to another way of seeing, feeling, and knowing that does not involve time, or calculation. Unlike the concrete mind, the neutral mind does not involve time or personal convenience, since perception and interpretation onto the concrete world occurs simultaneously.

But this intelligence is not entirely new. If we pause to remember, we find moments when we have used intelligence in a relaxed, expansive way, where the vision we reach is equated with compassionate understanding.

Observe the mechanism of the mind, your mind. Take note that everything you see is linked to circumstance and labels. As an exercise, look at things now – objects, people, and places – as they are. That is, remove associative memories. Instead of looking at the dining room table and remembering where you bought it or who gave it to you, if it is beautiful or ugly, you observe it for what it is – its shape, texture and composition – without the associations, either emotional, psychological, social or utilitarian, to arrive at a direct appreciation. This exercise teaches you how to use your Personal Consciousness Focus (FPC) without the interference of the emotions and your expectations.

On another level, now conceive of a conflict between two parties, such as the interminable war between Israel and Palestine, the conflict in Syria, or the racial and religious tensions in so many parts of the world. Seek to achieve a neutral perception without taking sides. Take note if it is difficult for you, in which case you will detect your own prejudices and deep-seated beliefs. On the other hand, if you achieve it, take note that it will be from a position of intelligence where your mind is relaxed. You see the component elements, including the reasoning, guilt and virtue of both sides. You will also see the succession of historical events, all without drawing your attention away from any one of them. At the same time you notice something else.

You have an experience of causality that understands. You feel with the mind. The mind acquires sensitivity. In this position it is possible to see THE solution, which is not concrete but rather “intelligent” and “sensitive”. You will see that it is not a vague and diffuse idealism; it is something very possible. Peace and co-existence appear to be within reach. You understand what the steps are as you perceive the past and the possible future. This is the vision of the Neutral Mind, the faculty of Intelligence of the mediator in you. Without this mind there is no perception of the real; all we usually think we see has been but a projection of desires.

Let us now approach the most difficult perception: that of seeing oneself. From the onset we face two difficulties. We are used to perceiving from a position of centralized personal convenience and energetic comfort; the new sensation of intensity and dislocation is uncomfortable. Neutrality implies taking a distance and even when achieved in alignment, sustaining a focus of neutrality requires avoiding flights of imagination and illusion.

The other difficulty lies in perceiving behind personal justification. For this, the willpower of the aspirant emerges, giving permission or access to the linear mind now devoid of interpretive filters. In other words, you will observe yourself observing.

How to do it?

Exercise of perception from the Neutral Mind: concrete steps.

º Visualise the Alchemical Alignment.

º Turn your attention away from the physical body and your habitual reality to the sensation of elevation and finally to the focus established by the Presence. Accelerate vibrationally to the frequency of your Presence. You will no longer be subject to the references of the body in spite the fact that you still access senses and sensation. Sustain the experience of accelerated energy as you orient your senses in a new way.

º From that higher frequency LOOK down at the body. At first you will think you are imagining it and it will be difficult to prove that you are, indeed, perceiving. Keep going. Focus. What “seems” to be there? Distance yourself from your emotions or expectations. You will be watching neutrally.

º Once you have grasped the sensibility involved at the vital level from this new perspective, sense the emotional range. At this moment you will feel yourself feeling from the perspective of the Presence, which now adjusts itself to a higher dimension.

º Re-orient yourself to a global perception that comes from your Self directly. How do you “understand” the person you are perceiving (yourself)? Sense its place in the evolutionary scale. At this time you will be using neutral intelligence and your linear mind will be at the service of that higher intelligence. It no longer responds to personal imperatives or to the automatic conclusions forged by the linear mind. It responds to the “impression of Knowing” as you experience the unit globally. Allow yourself to see and know. Take all the time you need.

º At this moment you intuitively understand the dynamics and real possibilities within the reach of Being (Self). It is a new perspective that you may have experienced with others but never with yourself as object. Release any trace of personal attachments and expectations, in the same manner that you perceived the possibilities of peace for the places in conflict in a previous description. Take note of what you perceive that you had not previously perceived. Do not stop to analyze or do anything that can lower your vibrational level. Sustain that energy and state of Being-Intelligence that injects its vision into your linear mind. Familiarise yourself with it so you can evoke it at any time.

º You are now in a position to create a protective, energizing thought-form for yourself. Retrace the next steps frequently in order to fix the protocol and learn the management of that particular energy. It is the following:

º Visualise the whole of your Alignment, including the higher and lower range of frequencies. Project the Light Tube and follow this with the Electronic Circuit. The blue indigo dimensional ray appears as a curtain, a wall around you. Place yourself within that walled enclosure, while projecting and sustaining it with your visualization from the higher perspective. You will find yourself in both places (both dimensional ranges) at the same time, exercising both your Neutral Mind and your concrete linear mind.

At first you may feel confused, in conflict, “doing” one thing and then the other. Over time, by relaxing, you can sustain the visual, sensory and subtle postures simultaneously. You learn to access that intelligence without the tension that characterizes linear intention. You can identify and decode its mechanics of global perception and decipher it for specific use.

Get used to sustaining that protection and perception. Repeat the experience under different circumstances and places.

You will learn to apply the Neutral Mind over everything, and the next time you find yourself in difficulty, lost or confused, irritated or afraid … go to that complex of visualisation-feeling from the Presence and listen-see what is actually happening, and how you can perceive solutions. Apply the power of that intelligence to change the distribution and voltage of your emotional, mental and physical body.

There will be no more excuses for not seeing-knowing. But bear in mind: thinking alone, even if it appears “neutral” will not change anything if it does not include the direct experience and management of vital and emotional energies.

If you succeed in grasping this experience energetically and psychologically, you will be in a position to apply it to situations in daily life and solve problems without the demands, effort, or suffering that usually accompany an attempt. If you can see yourself unobtrusively, you will embrace yourself in the neutral sense of the word. You will “know yourself” with all the tenderness of the teacher who watches over a child recognising its potential.

By understanding yourself you cultivate individuality and authenticity, and succeed in using intelligence without judgment. Thought becomes one more tool, the most important, since it is the way your Self handles, guides and conditions reality.

Before a problem, your own or another’s, you will be able to set aside personal reactions (which will always be there) and fixed beliefs (bequeathed by the environment), and perceive causes in order to manage energies with clarity. You will have done your part, the only thing that the spiritual path in which you find yourself in, asks of you.


Now to practice the faculties of the Mind as: (1) the habitual, polar, partial mind, connected with personal emotion and belief, and (2) the impartial Neutral Mind connected to your Self.

For a better understanding and coverage of the subject refer to the study manuals, e.books: “Personal Energy Bodies” (PEB) and “Perception”.

Note for practicing students: Including work on personal ego, non-personal ego, and handling of personal energy bodies (outlined in the e.books mentioned above), Introspection and the Square have been steps in this direction. It would be necessary to now move from the exclusive perspective of the angles of the Square to perceive the personality unit and recognize its purpose, characteristics, and original potential.

The management of the PEBs already prepares you for this perception.